Mancuso Associates 
3978 East Lake Road
Geneva NY  14456

"Della Mancuso is a superb publishing professional at the highest level of competence and efficiency.  What has always impressed me...is her cool confidence matched by a dignified reserve. I could not be more enthusiastic about recommending Mancuso Associates Inc. for whatever project they seek to take on.                                    Peter Osnos, President and Editor-at-Large, PublicAffairs
"Della has displayed the unique ability to be attuned to the  inner workings of both her client and her client's vendors, enabling her to be an empowered facilitator, able to get all parties to work together harmoniously and effectively."                           Carney R. Burns, Jr., Senior Sales Representative, RR Donnelley

"Della Mancuso has overseen the production of (many) books for Borderland Books. 
I cannot imagine the publication of these books without the expertise that she has provided.  The books have received awards that reflect in large measure Della's production values and decisions." 
                                              Richard Quinney / Borderland Books, author and publisher

"You came to Silver Lining when we were just infants (and) came up with an efficient, 
cost-effective, seamless way of working. You are a quick study (and) know your resources extremely well.  You met all deadlines, always returned calls and emails promptly, remained unemotional when problems came up - gee, Della, you were perfect!"                                     Barbara Morgan, Publisher & President of Silver Lining Books 

"In our (professional) relationship I can honestly say that what's best about working with you is your keen knowledge of the manufacturing process. You are receptive to ideas, a problem solver, a creative thinker,which is key in our ever-changing markets." 
                          Claire Giobbe, Sales Manager, Coral Graphic Services / A Bertelsmann Company

​“Della Mancuso was a perfect match for the "Hearts on Fire" book project. As head of our team, Della kept the project on track, constantly vigilant and dedicated to guiding us as we navigated through the new world of self-publishing. She used her formidable organizational skills and experience to bring together a team which included Mary Kornblum, a fabulously talented designer, and Rick Ball, a meticulous copy editor. 
Thank you, Della, for making "Hearts on Fire" a success.”
                                                                 Jill Iscol,  President IF Hummingbird Foundation 

"You succeeded in making a most difficult process felicitous.  I am totally rewarded with a beautiful book. In sum, Master Class for Investors as a book is a complete success thanks to you and your staff's guidance and implementation.  
                                                                            Martin Sosnoff, Atalanta Press